Your Dream Is Why You Do What You Do


What’s up everyone, This is another exciting subject for me and I’m excited to get it off my chest. I’m going to talk to you about “The Dream” and what it truly means to me, maybe you can relate. I can honestly admit that I didn’t really see my dream very clearly at first. The most important thing was that I saw something, I urge you to at least see something. If you don’t see anything you’ll walk around like Mr. Magoo all your life.

John C. Maxwell (New York Times Best Selling Author of The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership) says, “The more valid reasons you have to achieve your dream, the higher the odds are that you will.”

In this article I hope to encourage you to find your dream in life, so that way you can confidently answer these questions:

  • What is your why?
  • What is your dream?
  • WHY you do what you DO?

I recently heard a very strong woman say, “We save the country by saving the family, and we save the family by saving the dream.”

I don’t know about you but that quote gets me so pumped to put in the work to reach personal goals. With the advancement of technology achieving our dreams these days is so much easier than it use to be in the industrial age. So many of us are programmed to think with industrial software in an age where information is made available to us instantly. Just speaking for myself but for so long I knew that I was capable of GREAT things in life but never really had a way to get the GREAT that I was looking for. Again “My Great” is probably different from your great so allow me to switch it up so that way I can explain.


If you can honestly say that you are on pace to live out your wildest dreams in the next 5 years than you have your hands on something great. Afterall, if you do your research that’s all it takes in today’s day and age. With some serious hard work and some incredible people around you that is all you need. It sounds so easy but it’s not, I’m speaking from experience. Back when I filled my heart with self-scepitsism, disbelief and uncertainty I was getting the dream that my heart truly wanted even though I deep down wanted better. Working for the rest of my life didn’t sound like a life I wanted for myself and my family. I wanted to play for the rest of my life. Only until recently have I had the belief that it’s possible. I met people with a dream greater than mine and they’ve shown me that all things are possible, if you trust yourself enough to make it happen.

**I say this with confidence, It takes more than just believing that you can achieve your dreams.**

Dream’s are so much more than living in the homes of your dreams, as nice as that may sound. Again this is just my personal opinion. Having a Ferrari and a Lamborghini would be awesome but I think it’s so much more than that. It would sound simple-minded for me to say that Lamborghini’s aren’t for me. That experience, taking someone for a ride in high performance luxury automobile would be priceless because you could help them understand what fulfilling their dream could truly be like “if” they lived it. That experience alone would capture their heart, kind of the same way flying a plane did for me. On a greater level than just that, traveling when you want and where you want if you had total control of time and money, things might change. I’m almost certain that most people would find themselves not participating in softball or bowling leagues. I would rather be in a million dollar cigarette boat cruising at 130 mph across the wild blue Caribbean with my family or friends than sitting on a fiberglass money pit in a public lake with hundreds of irresponsible boat drivers, especially when I got the boat for a “good bargain”. I say that because that’s what I dream about. I don’t expect most people to have the same dreams I do. My dreams are no better than anyone elses, they are my own. I just hope that your dream is bigger than your income because that dream will encourage your income to grow, if that’s what you want.

In conclusion, to have a dream you must first have a clear vision. If it’s not clear your results will be fuzzy. A Fuzzy vision equals, fuzzy results.

John C. Maxwell says “Clarity of a Dream helps determine our priorities.”

Clarity helps our purpose grow from general to specific. When that vision becomes specific a dream becomes tangible. Most people don’t achieve their dream not because they have an invalid dream, and it’s not because they have no desire. Most people don’t have the valid reasons to do so. Having more than one can only help the ability to endure the dream stealers.
I hope you find your reason’s for why you want to live out your dreams. Maybe I can help you out along the way, if you have any questions. Good luck to you.

***If you’re looking for outside opportunities to explore information that can add value to your life, I could possibly help. The people helping me have global business’s that are all over the world and more importantly impacted ten’s of thousands of families. They retired from their jobs very early in life because they built an asset on the side of what they were already doing. I’m willing to open a door for the right people as long as you’re accountable and think the right way. I don’t know how often you meet people like that but the second I met them, I needed to know how. My wife and I spent some time with them and they took us under their wing. We are now being mentored and coached to create asset so we can retire early and stop sacrificing our life for a job. We are fired up for that and we know others are as well. More information can be found at


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