“How Do You Want To Live?”

One man said, “Wealthy People Aren’t Any Better Than You Or I, They Just Have Access To Different Information, Better Information, And When They Get It, They Apply It.”

It breaks my heart to watch people sacrifice so much to just earn a living. Such great honest people with beautiful family sacrifice more time away from their family just to make a buck. We are all meant to be great and you will always deserve better. Trading hours for dollars and still ending up in the same place that they were 5 years ago because they don’t know of anything else. Once my mentor helped me realize that I wasn’t getting paid for the work I did 5 years ago today the same way that I admitted that I wasn’t going to get paid for the work I’m doing today in 5 years. He said that I wasn’t alone and that many other American’s were in the same place I was and by that definition it was a dead-end.
My mentor told me that a job is just a bridge to independence. He also told me that it would help to have more valid reasons to live the life I truly want to live just to stack the odds in my favor. Again I’m just frustrated and wanted to share this because maybe there is someone out there that I can add value too:

Are you making decisions based on principles? Something I recently learned is that priorities are not absolute they’re relative. Once I saw men that stood on principle I started to feel the power of a dream. I’m not talking about a dream that happens when you sleep. I’m talking about a dream that happens because you see the results that you want in life and have the help you deserve to get there.

All because I saw an opportunity get free I had the responsibility to get more information, and not ask for permission because my friends and family had an emotional invested opinion. Especially because I cared more about what they thought, then my future. Most of them thought that anything outside of the 80,000 hour working lifestyle was a scam or a pyramid, I did as well until I realized that most wealthy men and women don’t clock in and out of a job everyday. I stepped back to realize the majority were comfortable with mediocrity and I was not. All because I saw a plan to retire in 2600-6200 hours if it’s duplicated by the same success that came before it. No different from the Ray Kroc business model to revolutionize a small california restaurant owned by the McDonald brothers.

I’m not a math genius, I just know that 6,200 sounds a lot better than 80,000 hours of my life. Just like in the movie, “The Matrix” you can either take the Red Pill or The Blue Pill. My coach said to me, “The red pill is this opportunity and the blue pill is your ticket to the mediocrity. The great part about life is that you get to choose your life everyday with your decisions.”

At first some things may not make sense, timing can mean everything for someone to have a need. Honestly, how often do you get to meet a couple that retired at 28 and 32 offering you a chance to live the life of your dreams with total control of time and money? I don’t know about you but I’ve never met anyone like that. I made the decision not to pass up an opportunity to earn their respect. Now I’m being coached and mentored by them to build an asset that creates cashflow. All because I wanted to have more control of time and money and was willing to earn the mentorship of those who created success before me.

All I’m trying to say in this article is that, I hope you find what your looking for in life and to not sacrifice your life for a job when you deserve so much more for yourself. I hope you make great decisions for yourself and the lives you impact all the way through life. I’m excited for you and I hope I added value to your day, God bless!

For more information on Cory Franek, check out coryfranek.com


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