Power-Wave Sweeping Our Economy, Are You Prepared?

My goal with this information is to put the odds in your favor and hopefully add value and excitement to your day. There is a global trend called the Internet that is sweeping the global economy. I’m going to share some information that got me really excited, I hope you enjoy.

Internet – was invented in the late 70’s, originally was a government communication tool. The world wide web started to link up around 1990. Not many people could’ve predicted the growth it was going to have in just 24 short years.

Because of the internet we are witnessing the greatest economic change in history right now. The goal is to know how to capitalize on it, but many just refuse to learn how. The United States has become the lagest debtor nation in the world but that goes without saying, $17 trillion that we know of. Our government and our people are the largest debtors in society.

  • We have a gross domestic product of $16.2 trillion dollars (world bank’s website)
  • The United States recorded a Government Debt to GDP of 101.53 percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product in 2013. (trading economics’s website)
  • According to the United States Balance sheet by The Bureau of Public Debt from September 30th 2013 Our Liabilities outweigh our Assets by $16.9 trillion.
  • 80% of the women in the united states are working today. 1955 it was less than 23%. It use to be socially unacceptable for a woman to have to work, today it’s physically impossible for a woman not to work. (I recently saw a young lady pushing shopping carts in a busy parking lot while the 2 boys were just sitting outside smoking and watching her bust her back. I want better for my daughters.)
  • Recent Government bailout and mortgage meltdown and financial crisis of historical proportions. People are worried.
  • The U.S. Department of Labor has estimated that a student today will have between 10-14 jobs before the age of 40.
  • The retirement concerns with the aging population is getting worse and the health care issues go without saying. More younger people are so concerned and find it hard to believe they will even have a retirement available to them when they hit 68.
  • The challenges of just paying off student loans and affording the most basic things, a recent demographic study shows that the younger people want to be able to have enough money to go to a movie or go to a coffee shop, and they are worried about that today.
  • The word Mortgage comes from the root definition Mortis=Death + Gage=grip… Death-Grip… why would anyone want one of those things?
  • Harry S. Dent is forecasting a 12-15 year depression that will begin at the end of this decade. He says you will see drastic reductions in real estate values and its simply just a supply and demand model. (dent research’s website)
  • The telephone was invented in 1896 by alexander graham bell and it matured 70 years later in 1966.
  • The automobile was starting to be mass produced in 1911 and by 1981 the technology was matured and about 90% of people owned an automobile.
  • Electricity was invented in 1906 and it took 42 years to hit a peak of critical mass.
  • 1928 radio technology started and took 20 years to mature to the peak of critical mass.
  • TV moved rather quickly started in 1950 and 10 years later was in most households.
  • VCR was invented in 1980 and by 1995 95% of the people in the country had one. But they were quickly outdated by CD’s, Blue Ray and now Video Streaming.
  • E-Commerce started in late 1994-early1995. In 1999 it accounted for 1 half of 1% of sales and by the end of 2008 it was 11% of total sales. In 2012, B2C E-Commerce sales grew 21.1% to top $1 trillion for the first time, according to new global estimates by eMarketer. Thats a 15 year growth margin of over 400% increase. Do you have a hand in the pot?
  • Personal Computers/Home Computers 1999 – 37% of the people, by 2001 it was 65%, by 2004 80%, by 2007 93%, by the end of 2008 it was 95%.
  • Internet usage in 1999 was 28%, by 2001 it was 50%, 2004 it was 68%, 2007 it was 78% and by late 2008 it was 85%.

Below Are the 4 quadrants of business by Robert Kiyosaki . You can create wealth in any quadrant. I all depends on how you want to make money.

Here is how I view the 4 Quadrants

Business Quadrents final


If your looking for outside opportunities to explore information to put you in a better position that can utilize economics power-waves you should be excited. I’d be willing to open a door for the right people as long as you’re accountable and think the right way. My mentor and coach have a global business that’s all over the world and has impacted ten’s of thousands of families. I don’t know how ofter you meet people like this but the secound I met them, I needed to know how. My wife and I spent some time with them and the took us under their wing. We are now being mentored and coached about how to gain from these economic trends. I’m now looking for people that think the same way and that want more than what they have in life.

To get more information about the opportunity the 1st step would be to go to http://www.coryfranek.com for more information. I wish you all the best during these economic times, and look forward to talking with you.



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