Great Idea’s & Great Association Can Only Help Your “State of Sanitation”

I love writing these articles, it gives me an opportunity to share with my awesome readers a part of me that I have a hard time expressing in person.

Before I continue I just want to thank you for taking the time to read my hearts words.



“Why I believe Association And Ideas, Benefit You OR Hurt You, More Then Anything”

For the last few years of my life, I’ve had such a hard time with this subject. Recently I’ve taken the time to fully understand and respect  The Power of Association. I’ve always thought to surround myself with good people and things will turn out for the best, I was wrong. What I’ve found is, If I surround myself with good people, things will turn out “Good”.  I need to make it clear that I am no expert on any topics I talk about, I’m simply sharing what I’ve learned. The direction of my core values and my goals in life have changed because of my association. I’m confident that they are very similar for others if they stay on track to their goal and don’t get distracted. By reading and communicating with like minded people a lot recently, it has shown to prove my theory. Im not saying that new friends or your current friends are the issue or the solution. I don’t want you to think that I’m saying that you should go out and get new friends to grow. (Just to word it in a different way, I want to do the best I can to encourage you)

“We can’t control what our friends do but we can control who are friends are.”

I wrote an article on what I believe friends are, so if you get a chance, I think it would add value to you before you continue reading this article:


My CORE Values are why I chose to look at the people I was associating with and decided to go in a different direction. Not a better or worse direction, just a direction that was on the path to the future that I wanted. If my friends chose to come with me then I was totally excited, most of them did not. Reading and listening to the people I compare myself to, say the very same thing so much that I see a pattern. What most of them say holds water because they have fruit on the tree, so to speak. The second you try to do something outside of what your association is doing, you’ll find yourself in open water with only small sight of the beach. If you can’t swim that is not a good situation. But if you’re trying to climb new mountains or cross major bodies of water in your life, you have to leave the one you’re standing on.

“Here is what I do know, If you associate with people that are better than you, you will get better.” – John C. Maxwell

I could go as far as to say that our association is essential if we expect to grow. Personal growth and development improves when we surrounded ourselves with people that have what we want. Someone once said that if we’re not growing we’re dying. I think that if we aren’t growing we’re stagnant. The definition of stagnant is, inactive, sluggish, slow-moving, lethargic, static, flat, depressed, declining, moribund, dying, dead, dormant. I don’t want that for any of my readers of anyone else out there. We only get a short glimpse at this opportunity we know as “Life”. People, I know in my heart that we were all meant to be great, but some of us just forget it and fall back into a comfort zone of mediocrity aka “The Masses”. I don’t want that for you or anyone that I love.


If you allow me to fill you up with encouragement, my goal is to show that you are the key to the whole thing. Some people are quick to blame everyone else including their state senator and president for their situation. I don’t have to tell you what you already know but those excuses are just an imaginary obsticle. I want you to believe you are capable of being the person that you try to prevent from coming out. There is greatness inside all of us, we were not made to be average. We all start from 0 and grow at different speeds. It’s not the quickness that matters, it’s the journey you travel and the lives you get to impact along the way and BABY, YOU can change the world.

“In a war of  idea’s, it is people who get killed.” – Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

Closing up this article, I want to make it clear that comparing ourselves to average is still average. If we aren’t comparing or measuring our growth to the elite, than we have to except that we are nothing more than what we are comparing ourselves to. If you want to be great, surround yourself with great people. It will be necessary to have humility and respect in order to truly move forward. That is my personal opinion and I hope with all my hear, that you achieve you life goals and don’t fall back to the masses.

“The most important ingredient we put into any relationship is not what we say or what we do, but what we are.”

– Stephen R. Covey

God bless,

Cory Franek

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