“3 Reasons Opportunity Can Add Value To Your Life”

3 Reasons opportunity can add value to your life is because America as a government and a society is the greatest debtor in the world as a society. Knowing that there are millions of people out there that are hurting because doing what they are not doing in not producing what I call the “A Game”. So many of us get educated that going to school getting a great job is the key to creating wealth in life and living a lifestyle of our choice but my only question is, where are the results of that?

I define the “A Game”: life is, the time that we have and lifestyle is, being able to have control of time and money.

Knowing that most people are going into debt getting an education and spending 10-20 years to pay off that debt, jumping into a 60+ month mortgage, financing cars and putting a cup of coffee on a credit card that produces interest that stacks up after 5 years, I know that there is something that isn’t working as well as it could be. I know that because I’m speaking for myself here and the information that I was given like so many other was the same. They say that the “American Dream” is to own a home. How is that working out when you don’t own what you own? Most people “diversify” and send their wife to work and end up spending more quality time away from each other than they do together. The number one reason in America for divorce is not MONEY, it’s NO MONEY! There is an issue and I would suggest you all to pursue opportunities actively and passionately to get out of the rut and in to an environment that produces the results you dream about in life. If your dream isn’t big enough than you haven’t suffered from the rut system hard enough. It will come.

The 3 main key’s I would suggest you look for in any opportunity would be these:

1. Mentorship and Coaching

How often do you have someone with proven results in any industry willing to give you the gift of mentoring and coaching? Not very often, most of us believe that doesn’t exist, or that it’s too good to be true. Now that we are in the Information Age operating on industrial aged software makes profiting very difficult unless we have someone willing to show us how to use it to our advantage. Most of us are educated to go into debt to get a good education to get a good job spending the next 20-30 years paying off our school loans because we weren’t taught to make money we are taught to work for someone else to get a paycheck. That was a great process in the Industrial Age but times have changed and they aren’t going backwards. We as a society will always be moving forward and cutting the dead ends, it’s just the way mankind works. Once I figured out that my only security in my job was my ability to produce. I had to chase my mentor down to find out what he knew. I want to share 4 questions with you that changed my perspective on an opportunity. (write your answers if you have to, it helped me):

How do you want to live?
How many months/years forward can you continue living without reducing lifestyle the day after the work stops?
What do you get paid for what you did 5 years ago?
If you stop working today, what are you going to get paid for the work you did today 5 years from now?
He said if the answer is 0 there is a good chance it was a dead-end, What else would it be called? I didn’t like that answer but I chose to change it.

2. Build Debt Free Asset With A Proven History Of Success.

First off Investing is not a topic I feel comfortable talking about. I recently heard that investing is only something you can do once you have created wealth. First you should ask yourself if any opportunity you pursue is going to produce the results you want in life. We pay our bills with our job and you create wealth by building an asset. I’m learning that building an asset is not something that you can build over night, it takes TIME and EFFORT.

An analogy that my mentor uses is: Building an asset is sort of like standing in the rain for 2-5 years shoveling horse manure in a wet paper bag to create financial independence.

3. Proven To Give You The Outcome You’re Looking In Life.

I am here to tell you that this opportunity wasn’t for me, it was the outcome that it provided that was. The opportunity isn’t for you, if thats what you’re asking yourself? Thats the complete wrong question, you have to ask yourself, “What can It Do for Me?”. Once we realize that we stopped living selfishly for ourselves and raised up to start living for something greater than ourselves, It’s better to be a part of something bigger. In my opinion, Impacting lives and adding value to the world is a lot better than living for myself. I have mentors and coaches with plenty of fruit on the tree, and I would only recommend that you consider the same for yourself.

Thanks and I hope you enjoyed my short summery of the 3 Most Important Key’s to pursuing any opportunity outside of what you’re already doing.

For more information visit http://coryfranek.com


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