Are You A Lost Ball In Tall Weeds?


Yesterday was an incredible day and full of incredible experiences. First off, I’m happy to admit that I was a lost ball in tall weeds. The biggest lesson I learned yesterday was how easy it is to get “off track” in life. I wanted to share with you some thoughts and Ideas I gained in just one more day I was blessed with. First of all, I am nothing without my lord and savior.  I give all of my ups and downs to him. I don’t know who you do but that’s fine, I don’t ask people to have the same religious views as myself. I guess I just wasn’t smart enough to understand science so I just stuck with what was easy for me.  That’s what makes our America great.

We all want something in life, it’s packed into our being. We all want more, we stretch for greatness and we love to grow as a person(I added a cool video at the bottom of the article). It’s just the way we were made. There is so much beauty in how much the human body can take. You see miracles happen every day but always to someone else. We see other people blessed for no reason and tears on a happy faces. Most of us spend so much time watching the bad in the world that we miss out on all the great. I’m here to tell you that the great happens everyday. Families have more opportunities today than never before in history to become financially independent to spread their love all over the world. I saw a guy at 29 years old retire from his job with tears in his eyes and hug his wife with so much peace in his heart. All because they put other people first and cared enough to pay it forward, they were blessed. It was a life changing experience.  You hear about the lives that are being changed in Africa because a few good people  care enough to find a cure for disease that kills hundreds of thousands of lives a year. It is incredible.

Some of us get so caught up these days in what is going on in just our life that we lose sight of what’s going on in others. We spend more time trying to put ourselves first that we do just that. There are so many selfless acts of incredible impact going on everyday. In my opinion, most full-time mom’s and dad’s deserve the bulk of the credit because that’s how we change this world. We invest into our kids 100% to make them better than ourselves to do the same for the next generation.  It’s hard for those of us with jobs to invest 100% if we have a job. So we just have to hope they don’t get  corrupted when we can’t be there. If you guys have young kids and want to spend more time with them I urge you to discover a way to replace your job income so you can enjoy the lives you’ve been blessed with.

Closing up, I just want to say that if we spend so much time putting negative into our bodies it will fill our hearts. If we spend more time putting good into our bodies we can add so much more value to those around us. That is just my goal for this article. I love you guys so much and thanks for taking the time to hear my hearts words. God bless.

Cory Franek

For more information on me go to Cory Franek Dot Com and follow me on Twitter @coryfewtweets.




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