Open Door


Hey my name is Cory Franek. I am a husband, a father of 4 and well a disabled veteran. I would like to earn a second of your time. I know we are all busy, so I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Knowing that we are all on the same team as American’s we all have a huge role in the success and future of our country.


 Over 200 years ago there was a revolution that literally changed the course of our history. It was led by a group of unsatisfied people. People that were fed up with their lack of choices, and lack of personal freedoms. In early 1900 less than 10% of us worked for people or government and 90% of us were self-employed. In 1980, 90% of us worked for somebody else or the government and 10% of us were self-employed. We shifted from an independent people to a dependent people. We slowly shifted from a people that took full responsibility for everything that happened to them to people that became talented and practiced at the art for blaming others for our problems.


An incredible pressure is put on us every day to, “Do The Right Thing,” and yet many of us don’t ask, “Is This Really The Right Way?”

 We’ve slowly changed from a society that compensates based on value, to a society that compensates based on intitlement and seniority. We act like somebody actually owes us a living. Part of this change is due to the dramatic rise of conformity in our society. We’re all taught to conform. Our founding fathers didn’t say, “Who Is Going To Take Care Of Me,” they simply said, “All I Ask Is The Opportunity To Be Free And The Ability To Take Care Of Myself And My Family.”


A wise man once said,”I’m just a collection of mirrors reflecting what everyone expects of me.”


A popular psychologist calls us outer directed people, we don’t act, we only react. We seek not to be outstanding but to fit in. We’re able to respond but not choose. Perhaps that’s why a wise man once said, “The Mass Of Men Lead Lives In Quiet Desperation.” In order to change we need to become inner directed people, people with our own purpose, People that aren’t easily swayed by the opinions of others. That’s difficult because from a very early age we looked to the opinions of others to orient ourselves and to validate our decisions and our actions. Niche said, “We Need More Strong People In This World, Because The Weak By Their Sure Mass Are Forcing Weak Ideals And Weak Values On Us All.”


I hate my job enough to post this into my blog. With the essence of “Hope to quit working once I retire,” permeating in the air everywhere. I decided to look at what my options were. I’m looking to build a team of free thinkers that want to buy back their freedom. The Couple helping me retired from their job at 28 and 32 because they built an asset that produced an ongoing residual income aka an asset. If you think about it we aren’t educated to build an asset, we’re taught to work for money thanks to John D. Rockefeller (You can look up what he said about a nation of workers). They are simply coaching and mentoring me to do the same. If it’s worth it to you financially and you have 5-10 hours a week right now I would love to talk and maybe share layers of information with the right people.


Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and I hope that you do the best you can in life and making this a better America. God Bless.

Cory Franek 303-888-4360 





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