Entitlement Is Contaminated With Irresponsibility!

This is going to get interesting. First off, I hope y’all are kicking butt and getting your hustle on for yourselves, your families and your people. I’m writing this off the top and I have so much that I want to put into this article because I believe we often get the wrong idea. I’m going to get right to it.

“Entitlement Mentality” is everywhere and it’s no wonder we have so many issues with relationships that are bankrupt. I believe success principals and entitlement go hand in hand. They’re polar opposites though, let me explain. Through recent experiences and observations with some people it feels like a chore and a strain because they’re so wrapped up in what they’ve got going on, they don’t even acknowledge the clerk at the gas station. I believe there are 2 words that have nothing to do with the Entitlement mentality, Hero and Courage both of which require responsibility. By that I’m saying Entitlement is the opposite. What’s the opposite of a hero? Saying Zero, would be premature and not fitting although it does rhyme. We all know that an opposite of something in an antonym, according to merrium-webster.com the antonym of hero is chicken, chickedhearted, chickenlivered, coward, cowardly, craven, dastardly, fainthearted, fearful, gutless, etc. the list goes on and on. The antonym for courage is right around the same and I’m sure you get it. I’m not saying that everyone that has adopted the entitlement mentality is spineless. I’m simply saying that they run from responsibility. Now is that the kind of mindset you want in your sales department or attitude in your upper management?

I find that just because someone has a title sometimes it gives that person the peace of mind to kick back and be more relaxed in their approach or simply run from the ownership thats required in the position. I witnessed this last night from a store manager at office depot. I specifically asked her if they had any automobile sticky notes, pads or widow writing pads. She said, “No, we don’t have anything like that.” I replied back just because she was so quick to respond, “Are you certain?” What made this great was because she followed up with, “Yes, I’m the store manager and I know everything that’s in my store.” I thought to myself that maybe she was overlooking something but just because she said she was certain and affirmed that she was the “Store Manager” that meant that I should just take her word, right? WRONG! I ended up finding exactly what I was looking for and I brought it to her to show her that they had exactly what I was looking for. Guess what she did, she took it as an insult and got very defensive and even requested that I leave her store. She demonstrated her emotions first and not her courage to own up to what had just happened. I was trying to help her just because she said the keyword “Certain”. I can understand human error none of us are perfect but she took it a step further then it needed to go just so she didn’t look vulnerable in front of her staff. Before I left the store I asked her name and she shook my hand sternly and said, “you were right, we are just here to help.” But her attitude and demeanor is what communicated to me that she was apathetic and still didn’t care.

I bring this up because I believe in making others better because it can make me sharper as well. Sharing my opinion and my mindset is important because I believe there is someone out there that can relate. After all being relatable is more important then anything else when it comes to networking. Nobody likes to network with someone they don’t like, ha ha, I know I don’t. It’s so much easier to work with someone that you like and enjoy being around. I was in the elevator tuesday and an older gentleman walked in and was dressed real sharp. Before I had an opportunity to just say “Hi” he turned around and put his hands in his pockets. Now if that body language doesn’t scream “Don’t Talk To Me” I don’t know what does. Maybe I just misread him, I’m no expert.

I see that unemployment is high right now but I’m certain that a large quantity of the people that have jobs just show up physically. Mentally they are on vacation or on facebook talking about why they could be doing something else. That attitude sucks. Can you imagine if you inspired your people to come in and help them feel like they’re apart of something incredible. I’m in network marketing and what I notice all the time is how excited people are to help others and know they are making a difference. That is the same motivation that employees need to have as well because we are all apart of this global economy helping it run. We all have a huge roll to fill and if you’re not showing up mentally and emotionally, what are you doing?

Putting in the effort and learning about someone new is important if we expect to be successful in our networking as business professionals. Bill Gates didn’t adopt the entitlement mentality because he knew it was selfish and it wasn’t going to help anyone else. Breaking down those walls inside yourself and with others takes confidence aka swagger and grace aka elegance. That is what sets success apart from the rest. If you’re a Big Business Owner you understand that everything in life is earned and never given. In order to understand that in your heart, one must commit to the success principles it takes to set yourselves apart. I hope you enjoyed my small article and the importance of success principals and why the entitlement mentality is outdated.

I posted below the success principals photo that inspired me to write this article.

-Cory Franek, Business Owner – Franek Solutions
find me on twitter @coryfewtweets or on linkedin



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