My Baby Girl!

I have a fun story for you. It’s a story about two years ago today. It’s a story about how my life changed. Rewind the tape to August 18, 2012. We woke up just like any other morning, my wife was enduring more contractions, not unlike any other morning for the prior two weeks. She said to me, “I hope today’s the day”. After she said that I was told to go and make her a pot of coffee, this was no different than any other day. Keep in mind my bride can tolerate pain better than anyone I know, but I’m sure most women can relate.

Sometime in the morning our water broke but we had an agenda for the day. We had obligations with my wife’s business to be at a meeting sometime around noon. We made it to the meeting and everything went great. My bride asked me to go get her fluffy socks for her feet so they didn’t get cold, if we had to go to the hospital. Being the unconditionally loving husband that I am, I did just that and I did so with urgency. When I put the socks in her hand she let me know it was time because our contractions were four minutes apart.

We drove casually to the hospital and made sure we got a nice meal before the long day. We showed up to the hospital and check ourselves in. All I can remember thinking was, “Wow, we have a beautiful room and the bathtub has jets. We can possibly both fit in there, *wink wink*”. We were so excited, we got on the phone with all of our relatives and let them know what was about to go down. And by “we” of course I mean “me,” I was so excited!

Mind you, two years ago today my priorities were a lot different than they are now. Today was my draft day because I was in 3 fantasy football leagues with some good friends of mine. I managed to fulfill those duties. Up to this point in my life I thought I was in control of my life. I forgot that I was a child of God and I forgot why I was about to be blessed. I’m sure most people that are having a baby sometimes it feels like a second chance to make things right. I’m not sure what that means exactly but that’s what it felt like.


After some issues with the anesthesiologist not connecting the flow of the “Anti-pain juice” to the point of entry on my brides spine, we finally got everything squared away minutes before delivery. Hats off to my bride for being a champ and not showing any weakness during the entire process. At this point it was a few hours shy of August 20th. With no doctors present the nurse directed me and we delivered my baby girl Charlee. She was 7 pounds 7 ounces and the most beautiful thing I’d seen up to that point in my life.


Now today my baby girl, aka Dinky aka Dink Mode aka Mode aka Charlee is 2 years old and is the apple of my eye. She has been the fuel for everything I do in life. The person I was before wouldn’t stack up against the person she has led me to become. I am so thankful to be her daddy and to call her my daughter. *Here is to many more* I love you baby girl.





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