Do You Hustle The Grind Or Does The Grind Hustle You?

It’s a tough world today, it’s harder to get a raise and it seems like the system is designed to help us go backwards. Inflation doesn’t make it easy with pay cuts and layoffs happening all over the place. I saw last night that Microsoft’s getting ready to lay off 12,000 to 15,000 jobs. This is crazy! My friends I want you to understand something, as long as you have a job in your life you will never have control of your life. My dad has been a small businesses owner his entire career and most people know being self-employed is like  dancing with a gorilla because you’re not done dancing until the Gorillaz done dancing, you feel me?

Allow me to get perfectly honest with you….

People that say they love what they do, I have a question for you. Would you pay your boss to do what you do and not expect to get paid? No you wouldn’t…

People that say they love what they do, I have a question for you? Would you still do what you do if you didn’t get paid to do it? No you wouldn’t…

If you love what you do but complain or have any problems at all with your commute, with your time away from your family, with your lack of paycheck, would you lack of vacation and travel, with your lack of dream house, with your gas guzzling v8, et. If you have something to complain about then you are lying to yourself if you think you enjoy what you do. Rationalizing your reality is just pouring salt on the wound. Saying you love what you do if you still complain really means you hate what you do but you don’t have a better way to make cash, I get it. If we had a $100,000 in our bank account at all times most of our problems would disappear, Do you agree? Listen, I understand none of us in our decade+ of formal education were taught to create wealth or be financially independent. We were all educated to work for somebody else and build their business.

There’s and old saying, All hard work is going to do for you or me is fatten up the bosses retirement.

Most people want to make more money, most people want more time, most people say their jobs are getting in the way of their week, most people hate their job, most people would like to be their own boss, most people know the debt free is stress free, most people agree the begging for a 2% pay raise is humiliating, and most people either build their own dream or they build a bosses dream….isn’t it time to start working on your own dream?

I woke up this morning and I saw some statistics that I want to share with you now because they got me fired up. 200 million Americans, that’s 74% of the American population goes paycheck to paycheck every month. 15% of the US population adds up to be 50 million people that are in poverty in the United States. The middle class is getting smaller not because they’re falling into wealth but because they’re falling into poverty. 100 years ago $577 was the average pay for middle class. Today the average pay for middle class is $48,000 year. We spend one trillion dollars a year in the United States taking care of 15% of the population, remember that’s 50 million people. 1 trillion dollars for 50 million people in poverty would be a lot better if we just split it up evenly for all 50 million, if you do the math that’s a whole lot of dough for everybody. We reward people not to work, reward people to stand in food lines, we reward people to have babies and we reward people to get coupons. Those are all examples of the poverty trap. What I’m saying is, if you cash a check from “the man” you are in the poverty trap. 75% of the families that bear children out of marriage are in poverty. The United States has spent 10 trillion dollars on welfare in the last 8 years. Here’s a statistic that most people will not like but need to think about in order to get to where they want to go: the top 20% of the earners in the population work 16x’s harder as the families in the bottom percent of the population. My point by adding this in is to simply say that working hard isn’t enough unless you’re working for yourself and building your own dream.

Would it be okay if you made more money than your boss? Would it be okay if you fired your boss and woke up every morning when you are done sleeping? Would it be okay if you work where you want, when you want to work and who you want to work with? Go here for more information.

Thanks for taking the time to read my message today.

Cory Franek – Business Owner with Franek Solutions

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