A lil’Shorty On What Your College Degree Bought You!

A college degree has no guarantee the same way a pen can’t write without a writer! The same way a pistol can’t shoot itself or the same way a golf ball won’t strike itself.  Come on man, for the last 100 years the middle class has boomed! But if you haven’t already noticed, the baby boomers are stretched thin. Also the middle class for the last 10-15 years has been slaughtered by the global economy. 200 million americans are living paycheck to paycheck and 38% of America’s consumption is by the top 5% earners in our country. That’s a large enough number for me to share this information.

It’s not the middle class our mommy’s and daddy’s grew up in. I’m 30 years old and I’ve seen it first hand. I’m sure by now either you found out the hard way that going to school and getting a good education didn’t guarantee you anything other than networking opportunities while at college. The debt and statistics are not in the favor of the college graduates. It’s sad! Not going to college doesn’t guarantee you anything either.  Keep in mind I’m not knocking getting an education, I’m just blasting the truth about the facts. My next article will be on why lack of hustle is the reason for outsourcing jobs and automation in the work place! Keep your eye’s peeled for the next article.

Cory Franek @Coryfewtweets


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