Fear The Drone And How Automation Is Replacing You!

It’s happening right now, and people know it! Automation is coming to work space near you to instantly do your job better then you! Automation doesn’t need a college degree to take your job, it doesn’t need a smoke break and you can’t hurt it’s feelings! There’s a solution and I’m here to tell you that it’s all nonsense! Let me tell you a little story, I responded to a job opening yesterday at RingCentral.com for a sales position. I sent an email, I made a phone call and I even suited up and walked into that office. Up to this morning I haven’t heard back on anything via mobile which makes me think “sub-par leadership”. I walked into the front office and a young lady named Brittany was sitting behind the front desk smacking on some food. As soon as I walk in, I see her doing that (Not impressed)! I walk up and tell her that I’m here to respond to a job posting I saw on indeed.com. Apparently all the average people submit resumes online, I’m here to tell you that’s just not my style. I understand there is a protocol in a workspace because it’s operated by employees but every owner of every business isn’t running their business by protocol. He/She is running it on “hope” that their employee’s hustle as much as they do! Sadly, it doesn’t exist much in todays workforce. I don’t even want to share the statistics, all I need to say is this:

“The Middle Class Is Steadily Eroding. Just Ask the Business World.” -The New York Times


I think it’s obvious that the rich are separating themselves from the poor more so today than anytime in history.

Back to my story…So I asked Brittany, “How can I get in touch with the person responsible for posting the job opening?” This question was very confusing for her and she seemed so skeptical of human interaction that she wasn’t prepared for it. She fumbled her words and eventually I came to understand that the leadership was non-existent in the office space at that time! Go figure… “Brittany, how can I contact the person responsible for posting the add on indeed.com?” I asked her. She replied once again like it was her first time communicating with another human, keep in mind her job title is “Administrative Assistant”. You would think she would be more prepared then she was. She finally got the point across to me that I should email or call them and continued to pull out a notepad to write out this information for me. She hands me the note and I grab one of her business cards and walk out noticing that there was no number and just an email. So I turned around and asked her, “Brittany you contradicted what you said, were you lying to me or something because there is no number on this note that you gave me, only an email.” She replied, “No the best way is email”. I totally understand but she said I could call them, that’s the only reason I asked. “Brittany, is this how you guys do things around here or do you always go against what you say?” I was straight to the point. She than replied, “Yes it’s how I am.” I think it’s safe to say that if I was a customer I would have the same type of experience because there were no values or professionalism present from the start. I easily walked out thinking this was a bad idea.

When I left I contacted the 800 number on the website and called into the Denver office. A man named Adam picked up the phone and I just asked him about the company based off of his experiences so far. He hung up the phone and that was all I needed to know. My point with this story is that, people these days act like showing up to work on autopilot is going to keep their head above water. You’re only fooling yourself because sooner or later you will be replaced by a robot. That “inconvenience attitude” is what will be replaced with automation. Showing up and doing the bare minimum is a tragedy and only crippling your bank account. “Hustle” Is the only thing that is going to put drones and automated systems out of business. Human interaction is what we humans are programmed for and it’s a resource that’s been replaced by email and text message. Hard work is a foreign concept to most people because they think it’s just measured by what they do on the clock! NEGATIVE, Wrong mindset! A boxer can’t get in the ring and think that their talent alone is going to win him/her the fight, that would be stupid. They have to train night and day, lose sleep, and push themselves harder than the day before! If your so worried about competing in the workforce, a person like me is going to come along, out hustle you with no college degree and no experience, and your going to blame everyone but yourself. Any company owner knows that they can make more money with a hustler than they can with an entitled employee because they want to dominate in their industry!

Don’t be mad at me for bringing the truth to the surface, I just don’t tolerate bad work ethic and neither should you. You deserve better! Go get your hustle on and show your customer why you’re the only person they should be working with. The automation nation will wait for the right opportunity and it won’t be with you!


By Cory Franek @Coryfewtweets



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