Where Do You Get Your Advice?


In a global economy that’s moving faster than the workplace, what are you doing to keep up with it? All day long we see people on TV and magazines on the Internet etc. getting the results that we want in life. Yet most of us seem to only go to the people that we feel comfortable talking with about the most important thing that could add value to our lives. More than likely we end up getting turned down or filled with hopelessness. I say this because I’m guilty of taking career advice from people that had no experience or results that I was searching for. After all we need valuable advice because our life and families future is on the line.

Most people think that taking advice from people they love and people they respect can solve all their long term problems. Most people just end up duplicating the same success their parents created because that’s where they got their advice. Have you ever heard the saying, “You show me your mentor, I’ll show you your future?” That saying is so true, you can’t go to the gym and hire a personal trainer that is out of shape, unhealthy and a smoker. Just because I love and respect my wife doesn’t mean that I’m going to ask her to do my knee surgery. I’m not going to clip myself to some random dude that said he knows everything there is to know about skydiving unless he has successfully completed the journey. I’m not going to take golfing lessons from my dad because he reads golf digest every day, I’m going to hire someone that played professionally. I hope I’ve made my point clear, because your future is important to me and that’s how we make this a better world. Share the knowledge and go find your business coach, life coach, professional trainer, etc. follow me on twitter at @Coryfewtweets

Where Do You Get Your Advice? youtube video

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By Cory Franek


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