How Love Changed My Life

I grew up in a split family home and felt detached from Love. I definitely took it for granted and I didn’t understand it’s simplicity. I cherish my dad because he works harder than everyone I’ve ever known. My mom is caring but she’s never really been directly involved with my life but I know she loves me in her own way. I get more of my motivation from my mom then my dad. Between these two I’ve grown up experiencing two different kinds of love. As I’ve grown I’ve learned that everyone loves differently.

I’ve learned a lot about myself over that last couple years of my life. Learning that hard work is the only way to achieve financial freedom and mentorship is mandatory. I’ve learned how to be a daddy and experience a love beyond my control. But no love compares to the love I’ve learned from being married. My wife has allowed me to grow into the man I was meant to be. I’m writing to tell you that before I met my wife I struggled to understand how to receive and give love. I thought love was something you felt, my wife showed me something much more.

Keep in mind this is the same woman that shared two beautiful kids with me before we were ever together. Two kids that were just like me. They were use to spitting time with parents and as uncomfortable as that is, they had faith in me because they saw their mom happy. As much as I want to take credit for that, I can’t. I believe in my heart that it’s the other way around now. My step kids have it tough and I know exactly how it goes. I can only hope that one day they make the decision for themselves to be the rock that their mom is in all of our lives. It’s got to be challenging for a single mother with children to date and introduce a strange man to her children. She definitely has it figured out.

Now my bride has blessed me with 2 incredibly perfect, sweet, beautiful and priceless baby girls. All of this is thanks to God for bringing them in my life. Sometimes I ask myself what I did to deserve something as special as a family of my own. Sometimes I ask myself how I can ever give her anything that could amount to what she has given me. Because of this I now see my wife in a whole new light. It’s almost as if she has become a goddess of my soul. I know that sounds stupidly spiritual or slightly exaggerated but its hard to find something else that I can compare it too. God gave her to me because I was meant to be the white knight in her life.

I posted something on my facebook about feminism this week and for some reason “roles” come to mind. Who has what role as a woman or a man, husband or a wife, daddy or mommy, etc. Here is the best answer I can now give based on my spoken vows to my bride, “We are married, we are one body, we are a team, if something needs to get done there is no delegation or blame. There is only accountability to our vows. Everyday we have to re-earn that privilege.” My wife has allowed me to grow. I’ve learned to allow her and god to speak into my heart when I make a decision. I’ve learned that love is something we give and not get. I had it all wrong. I finally figured out what I was missing all my life. Isn’t it fitting that it had to be this woman that made me aware.

I’m not going to lie to you, it’s not always easy. The stars don’t align every day and our dreams don’t come into fruition every time we wish them to. We have argued, we have cried together, we have laughed together, we have experienced creating life together. We haven’t even began to experience this thing called marriage yet because we’ve barely yet begun. That’s the key to this whole thing though, we took that step out on faith. We jumped, together into this new journey as a family. She is the reason I have fire in heart to be greater each day. She is my power plant to leave a legacy. She is my perennial wild flower that grows back and spreads with abundance in my heart each day. She is the love I never thought existed.

If I told you that I’m more in love with my wife today, 2 years after being married you would probably think I’m trying to be cliché. I don’t know how but I do know that I was unsure of my feelings when I first met her. The longer I give myself to her, the more I experience the abundance of passionate-serving-hard love. The kind of love that only exists in the sacred bond of a marriage blessed by god. In just a few weeks, on October 12th we will have been married for 2 incredible years. Thank you honey bunny and this is to many more. I love you.

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