“You’re Doing Too Much!”

Have you ever met someone who told you that you’re doing too much? or that you work too hard?

Do you have a method to accurately develop a mindset, approach, advance on and concur your goals?

Here’s a few examples: The media uses fear to motivate you on their product and it works. People hear about something they see over and over on the news and it becomes public information regardless of the truth. The truth is what they tell you isn’t it? Have you ever listened to a radio station and wondered, “Wow, this song is way over played?” Guess what, you’re probably still listening.  What is it that captures your attention, outside influence or your ability to fulfill your daily effort to accomplish your goals?

If you’re being told you’re doing too much to reach your goals, there’s a good chance you’re doing more than most people are on a daily basis. The level and capacity that you set your goals is different then everyone else because they are your goals and yours alone. Nobody wakes up and thinks, I want my goals in life to be the same as my neighbor, why? Because they have different belief systems then you do. That’s why allowing input from others to influence your motivation and attention, doesn’t work out so well. In my opinion distractions are dangerous.

The biggest thing that separates one person from the next from accomplishing their goals is the amount of effort they put into it. If you think about it, it takes the same amount of effort to not do something that it takes to do something else.

Lets say your goal is to build a business and more specifically generate a business that runs it self so that way you have more control of your time. Thus allowing your business to become a cash-flow asset. Most people want a cash-flow asset. What are most people doing right now? What are you doing right now? (Obviously by reading this article you’re investing in improving or getting back your attention on your goals.) Does all of your time that you spend walking, breathing and existing on this planet go to investing into that dream, or do you take breaks? After all, you probably deserve a break because you’ve been working so hard! If you’re giving yourself a reason to stop or to take a break your dream or goal isn’t big enough because if it was it would be the only thing your committed to exhausting yourself doing.

Now if you have a family, I understand. I have one as well. Wife, kids, dogs, acres, cars, constant distractions, new challenges, dirty diapers, bills, etc. Yeah I know I get it. But if your goal is big enough your schedule is full from 4am to 5pm and 9pm to 1am, everyday. All in is the only option with any relationship, business or journey. If you’re not then expect to stay exactly where you are and don’t plan on it changing until your effort matches the size of your goal!

God bless,

Cory Franek



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