Competition VS Great Work Ethic


It’s been an interesting last couple weeks. My new business partner took a huge pay cut to leave his current company to come partner with my company. This is a man that spent a little over $200k getting a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering at The University of Arizona State. He’s been in my industry for 14 years and has excelled in the executive protection department. He’s one of the most skilled individuals I’ve ever met and his commitment to doing things right is impressive. Here is a man that took a huge hit to his paycheck because he recognized an opportunity. My company is small and we have a very loyal customer base in the commercial security industry.

I had to ask him and I said, “With your background, I’d like to know why do you want to partner with me?” 

He replied, “That’s easy, you have drive and I can apply my ideas without being shut down by management.”

After learning this and having further conversation I’ve come to realize a few things. I don’t know everything and I can’t do everything on my own with big dreams for my company’s future. When my partner told me he was encouraged by my drive It was great to hear someone that could benefit from it. It was also a very nice compliment. I titled this talk “Competition VS Great Work Ethic,” because my partner WAS my competition. He out sold me and provided a higher end service than I ever could. 

My closing message: I hope you find a way to forget about competition for a minute and remember that great work ethic can never be replaced. It’s value doesn’t have a price tag and I’m confident any business would pay top dollar for someone with proven great work ethic. Just my opinion, but being competitive isn’t the same as being dominate. I hope you all have a safe and memorable 4th of July weekend.  



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