Start Up Mode Feels foreign 

This is just me sharing my thoughts this morning after we celebrated the 4th of July last night.
You know those stories about how the prince becomes king and everyone lives happily ever after? Yeah, this is nothing like that. This is my reality shared with you.

First to give you some background on my company. We’re a technology company with a focus in security control systems. My father founded the company in 2002. I’ve been around the industry most of my life and I still feel like a kid when I get the chance to walk a new job or help a new client. My father has a very unique skill set, he’s a one man show and can pretty much do it all. I was watching a TED talk yesterday and they were talking about how women are more better at multitasking then men, and I would agree but my dad is a special case. After 13 years, my dad runs his company on autopilot and doesn’t miss a thing. He’s never used a CRM and remembers every conversation, responds to every email and is a highly desirable bookkeeper. So for the last 13 years he’s built a strong foundation for me to now begin to erect and build. As his son I’ve been inspired to except his company because the responsibility is 100% mine. 

Going forward I don’t want to do it alone. Although it was always something dad was very good at, I’m very different. I’m a man and I recognized that I have strengths and weaknesses. I understand that if I expect to build on my fathers legacy, I have to work with others that have strengths in areas I don’t. Already the company has made great strides because I brought on a partner with an extensive background in our industry and a desire to build leaders. I don’t know how it happened it was just an opportunity that we both recognized and are now moving toward our goal. The first steps have been easy to layout but are very foreign to me. Things like, a business plan, procedures, new ways to generate revenue, teamwork, and trust in a partner. 

We have a plan, and it feels like we’re back at the starting line. I’m excited for new reasons now. 


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