“Do People Know Who You Are?”

I heard someone say to me yesterday, “It’s not so much who you know as much as who knows you.”

Do you agree?

I’ve been talking to companies a lot over the last 3 weeks and I’ve been learning so much. There is so much wrapped around marketing that constitutes getting the right kind of attention. Think about it, how many friends do you have that are in real estate? Me personally, I know so many but not many of them jump off paper like the Nickelodeon image in the featured image above. Go to one of their events and you’ll  have a great time.

Have you ever walked into a trade show only to find row after row of monotony? It’s so boring that nobody even flows down the rows your on. If this has happened to you please share your story with me. You can tell when a company wants to get your attention. Working in the event and entertainment world now, I’m starting to understand that. It’s incredible to see how quickly word of mouth travels when someone knows who you are. It’s like twitter except there is way more connection involved. Us humans like that stuff.

Let me share with you an example: Here I was at the Mint 400 Pre-Race Inspection on Fremont St. the day before the race. Every booth was the same, they had a tent, a pimped out vehicle and some parts on a table. Some people stepped it up though.They had a trailer, some retail racks and some swag . My most favorite memory from that day wasn’t any of the booths. It was the connections I made with the people I met…..Oh and a nice little Mexican restaurant on 6th and Fremont called “La Comida“. If you ever get a chance…go there! The chef is a wonderful woman and is very social.

Messages Image(1532090108)

I’m going to wrap this up because I think I made my point. If you’re a business owner, VP of Marketing, event coordinator, etc. this message is for you. You are missing out on some incredible exposure because you’re just not imprinting enough on the market. If you truly care about what you do, please try and bring that to the table for your next trade show, event or party. That or call me and I’ll put you in contact with one of my designers. At the end of the day it’s not who you know at all. It’s who knows you because people love to work with people they like. Happy hump day! Time to get back to work…

here is a short video from a fun event…


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