“9 Questions For Your Company At SEMA?”

This article is geared more to Business Executives of The Aftermarket Automotive Industry. Let’s jump right into some numbers so that way we start off right.

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How is your company taking this year’s exposure at SEMA more serious?

I say that because so often we hear that it’s just another check mark on the calendar. How much is a lost opportunity worth to you? It’s hard to answer that question because you’d have to spend enough time to understand it’s value. Maybe you’re the rare case that can afford lost opportunities, I’m willing to bet your smarter than that.

Why are you preparing to get attention at SEMA this year?

If you’re a football fan, you know and agree that preparation is important to guys like Peyton Manning because the results of that preparation is evident. Doing things last minute is not something any of us enjoy doing because it’s stressful and chaotic. I understand there are things that come up at the last minute but preparing properly for those things in advance is what separates a successful event from a waste of time and money.

What are you doing differently to capitalize on the wealth of qualified buyers?

The market at this event is polluted with motivated buyers. Buyers at this event want to see the new products. They are there to try and keep up with you, the exhibitor. They want to talk about new ideas and more importantly hear about yours. Your buyers don’t want to see the same ole song and dance.  They (like so many others) come to Vegas not just to see the show but to have a good time. They want to have an experience so if they can’t do that with you, they will move on to somewhere that will do that for them.

Where are you positioning your company to market to your audience?

This could be one of the most important questions but allow me to ask it one more way. How you present yourself to your customer in the presence of you competition separates the companies you remember from the monotony of everyone else. How do you stand out?

Who do you trust to represent your brand with an exponential amount of motivated buyers knocking at your front door?

I say this because I’ve walked around trade shows as a buyer and now working as an event designer productions house. 2 totally different perspectives but they’ve revealed obvious opportunities. Ask yourself this, do the people that you’re flying out to host your event, are they even motivated to be there and MOST IMPORTANTLY are you sure it’s because of your brand?

How are you encouraging motivated buyers to take action with your company?

Do you have a buying atmosphere or is it just a meet and greet?

When will you hire a specialist to improve the way your exhibit resonates with your audience?

Considering the results you’ve had in the past, maybe you’ve hired an event specialist before maybe you haven’t. When Charles Lundgren hired a marketing specialist to run an magazine AD campaign in his magazine they failed miserably 7 times before they hit a homerun  on the 8th try. If you’ve planned and prepared well enough to execute a successful event you should find the right opportunities to line up your business for at least the next  5 years. Anything less and it was a mediocre “check mark on the calendar.”  

What are your goals with your company’s presence and your exhibit at this year’s trade show?

Goals are important so that way you can structure your time and your priorities during this time. The hard part is getting the people representing your brand to honor your focus on those goals.

How do you want people to remember your company walking away from this event?

….I think that question is direct enough.

Companies like mine can help. We’ve helped companies like Nickelodeon and they were happy. We can start small and work our way up to that. Allow me and my company to co-create your event to superior levels.

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