“Are You Blind To Your Strength Zone?”

What are your strengths and how do you know they are valid? Knowing what your strengths are has been a long discovery process for me. I say long because I’m 32 years old now and pressed firmly into a career path. Reflecting back, I wonder how we actually know? Will we ever truly have that answer? What’s funny is that nowadays we can measure or influence with social media. We’re spoiled with how technology has helped us leverage our voice.

I remember sophomore year of high school more than any other. The reason’s why are because that was when I got my driver’s license and also because of “Big Chief”. Big Chief was our english class journal that we had to log each week to stay on track. I bring this up because it’s my story. I thought the last thing I’d be doing when I was older would be sitting here writing about it. Writing was and still isn’t my strength but for some reason I’m drawn to it.

Do you have anything that you’re drawn too? For me it feels a lot like gravity. Like it’s a home for me to find sanctuary from other stress in my life. I work with creative minds all day at work and watching them is inspiring. You can tell they care about what they create because in a way, it’s a representation of themselves. I guess that’s how I’ve found I was working in my strength zone. Once something we think, create or do becomes parallel with our gravity it’s more obvious.

Final thoughts…I don’t believe your “strength zone” has to be something you’re good at. If you enjoy it and people recognize it, that’s a form of social affirmation. You can use that to measure the results from the things that maybe aren’t so much aligned into your “Strength Zone”. The self fulfillment of doing the one thing you’re gifted at is special. My good friend Robby Woolworth is a talented automotive off-road racing fabricator. My co-worker travis is a phenomenal mind that builds large objects from nothing and to even exceeds standards.

I once heard someone say, “We are the answer to our prayers.” I believe that is true only if we take the required amount of action. I hope you’ve found your strength zone and if you haven’t, I promise you will find it.

I wish you all the best this week and Happy belated Father’s Day to all the Dads.


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