“Treating Symptoms Or Curing The Problem”

Treating symptoms is a popular business and most health care providers make a great living in that industry. Curing the problem is another solution as well. One is a short term solution and the other is a long term lifestyle. That sounds extreme because it has to be in my opinion to get desirable results. I’m not a doctor so I can’t say that about every situation. Some situations might require both. You can do so much more to solve problems.

I walked into the company lunchroom today and one of my friends/co-workers was sitting at the table. He looked miserable! He had a nosebleed and a wet towel on his head. He mentioned that he has been struggling with the heat for the last few years. His blood pressure is higher than normal and he was recently prescribed high blood pressure pills as a solution.

I started probing and asking questions, “how long this had been happening?” “What else is going on that has been different since this started?” “Have you had your blood drawn and did the doctor say the results were normal?”… After our short conversation it sounded like this man was given a prescription so quickly without having a clear understanding that his blood test weren’t as normal as he initially was told. Having a high red blood count is a symptom right? Asking him if his blood test was normal and finding out there there were more symptoms that weren’t addressed, is a problem.

I feel like I can be a little too quick to comment on issues like this but I asked him if I could and he said it was fine. I believe what we put into our bodies is a direct result of what comes out. Our bodies try to show us the signs and it’s so hard to understand it if  we don’t take the time to understand it. There is a difference between understanding and being understood. When you’ve reached that point you will already be actively working toward a solution that will repay you for the rest of your life.

Guys I was diagnosed with a disorder called “Factor V Leiden.” If you don’t know what it is, there are some decent write up on it. The hoops I had to jump through were life threatening while we were trying to identify the problem. Had I just treated the symptoms I don’t think I would be here today. Please take the necessary steps to identify all of the problems before you try to start throwing pharmaceuticals at your body. Work more closely with your health provider to better understand the details of the tests. You can only benefit from having this information.

I’m sure you can relate somehow to being a drug dumpster for your doctor. If you can’t relate, you’re either a little late to the party or you’re very healthy and already understand what I’m talking about. Starting with a solid diet is important and it’s hard because there is so many delicious ways to cheat. Eating or feeding your body, is how I try to think about it. Nutrition is a great start and I hope you are well on your way to living a happy and healthy life.  I hope you guys have a great week.


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