“Hero’s Of Terror In Istanbul.”

The topic of conversation for the attacks in Istanbul, is the Hero’s. To the security, emergency teams, police and citizens. Your story is what the world needs to hear.

There is a wealth of content already showing the horror of the attacks in Turkey. Every video I see when events like this happen, people are running for their lives. What I love more than anything is that there are hero’s that are regular people like you and I. People that stand in the face of terror determined to end it’s will to steal, kill and destroy. There is a graphic video of one of the suicide bombers captured by surveillance cameras. In the video you can see the bomber running toward the masses and a MAN WITH A GUN, puts him on the ground. (If you’re willing to stomach it, See the video here)


Reflecting on that video: You can see that in this moment, the reality of the terrorists mission and his hopes have been eliminated by good. As the scene unfolds, you can see the people disperse from the view of the camera and watch as the terrorist die’s, alone and with no one by his side, not even his faith. His body language displays his recognition of failure. I believe that in these moments is where they are defined as people.

The terrorist’s mission isn’t blessed with success, only incomplete because it was ended by a good guy WITH A GUN. It’s tragic that these things happen. You should know, it’s not the first time this month for the people of Turkey. It’s a regular everyday battle for the greater good all over the world. These people called terrorists have no hope for success when there is good in this world like you and I. 

We all have a choice to step up in this moment. If you think it will happen to you or not one day, you’re wrong. All you can do is prepare for your survival. These terrorists will go away with an overwhelming feeling of failure as we continue to show them there is no victory for their ideals in this world. They try to steal, kill and destroy.

There will always be casualties which is difficult to avoid unfortunately. My heart goes out to the friends and families of the victims of these attacks. The terrorists didn’t win, they failed miserably. Seeing the people come together in turkey and around is where they failed. The world stands together because of the memory of the casualties. In the memory of the fallen, lets continue to come together and make a promise to ourselves. A promise to be the difference the world needs to continue to end these terrorists hope to be victorious.




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