“A Massive Elephant And Your Company Event”

Have you ever been at a company event and felt awkward because there was a massive elephant in the room? Has your company ever had a huge trojan horse wheeled into one of your company events?  I’m talking about one that people can literally crawl up into. Why would you even want something like that you ask?  Some people like that kind of stuff, other people just don’t know they like it until they see it in person.

Imagine this, you walking to the grand ballroom at the Venetian Hotel Casino in Las Vegas. The first thing you notice walking in from the hot summer day outside is how darkly lit the room is. You’re optimistic for today’s company event because you know it’s going to be huge! The lighting for the ballroom is dark with the colorful LED ambience shining down on the dining area. The temperature in the room is cool and dry. It feels very inviting. All of a sudden you notice a huge dark structure centered in the center of the room.

You see a huge eyeball on the object looking right at you and start thinking yourself what am I looking at right now?? Maybe you think, what is looking at me? Not knowing what to think, you start hearing music playing in the background while red up lighting hits the perimeter walls. Next the object lights up and looks like a giant  elephant. It’s life-like size is incredible and people start filling in behind you to surround this epic beauty.

This story really happened and the massive 17′ tall elephant truly does exist. It weighs close to a 900 lbs and is disassembled into smaller pieces. Our company is looking to donate this to a good home, maybe a zoo or organization that would benefit from having it.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 7.44.28 AM



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