“Understanding Marriage Commitment”

When I was single I didn’t understand Marriage or commitment for that matter. You might agree that it’s hard to truly understand something you’ve never done yourself without stretching your comfort zone beyond the ability of failure. I can say now that after going through so many failed marriages that resulted in a divorce growing up, it is my most valuable relationship after Christ Jesus. Being in a marriage personally, there is no relationship like it here on earth. Having a friend, lover, companion, etc. all in one person is unlike any experience I ever had playing team sports, military or business. (I’m not trying to compare relationships I’ve had, just the experiences I had with relationships.)
Seeing people from the past grow with their families has been special. Watching from afar with social media seeing pictures and stories from social media has been cool. People that were once special to me that first come to mind is the entire Carter family more specifically Jason, Nick & Kerry, Joel & Amanda, Eric & Andrea, Kayla & Austin, Chance & Nedra, Mallory & Craig, Brad & Crystal, the list goes on. Thanks for being the example.
I pray that one day we all experience the fullness marriage brings to the table. Marriages like my grandparent is the best comparison I have (I love all of you by the way). Sharing souls and creating new ones is beyond the ease of emotional understanding unless you’ve played in that arena. The part I love about it most is overcoming moments that you feel have no hope for survival. But finding a way to stand together hand in hand saying, “I didn’t sign up to quit.” I say that because I’ve said that to myself before.
None of us are perfect but our ability to communicate, understand and be understood improves the probability of success in Marriage. Jesus, I just pray that you bless my friends and their marriages. May they continue to be fruitful and prosper. May their children learn the trueness of commitment in you so they can understand the integrity marriage has for the growth of a family.
To those I mentioned and didn’t mention. Thanks for continuing to fight for your marriage for yourselves, your families and your friends. It’s motivation for everyone that it is possible to not be a statistic. God bless and thanks for your time.

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