“#BlackLIvesMatter and An Itchy Butt!”

Reflecting on #BlackLivesMatter #StompTheFlag #GunControl #HandsUpDontShoot and The #DividedStatesofAmerica, STOP IT!

What is going on? Every time the news is on, I feel like I’m watching the stupidity you see in tv shows like “Wipeout”. Yes I understand there are places in the world where racism exists. It exists because us humans are foolish when we’re lead by ourselves. Ignorance lead by ignorance is defined as what? The purpose of our great nation, the United States of America is because its the land of opportunity, not the land of no accountability. Allow me to elaborate…

#BlacklivesMatter, I wish I could better understand why you’re so motivated to stand up and bring awareness to your belief. When I was in the US Navy we didn’t let petty stuff like the color of our shipmates skin get in the way of our work. We were all trained to understand the power in unity and being a team. I’ve seen multiple other veterans from other branches saying the same from their experience. Allowing something like mankind’s completion to impact our success in the military would be counterproductive. Reassuringly, I would go as far as to say the same for America’s success.

  • My 1st question is, who says black lives don’t matter? (If you support the cause for #blacklivesmatter and you do so peacefully without hate in your heart. You do so because you have all the information. Otherwise, what exactly are you protesting? Help me out here. The more I educate myself, the more I see there are problems with culture in low income communities. People desensitized by hate and violence idly standing by doing what?  Wake up go to work only to do it again the next day. Welcome to the greater majority. We are the result of own creation. Do we let it continue?
  • My next question is. Have we now reached the point where the obvious problem is   our CULTURE? If you can get past yourself and admit the answer is yes, which it is, than what do we do to improve and change it? Believe it or not, your demographic may be different but we both share the same economy.

My next point and I wont spend much time on it is, the media. I find it silly to allow the perception of the media to influence or sway ones opinion especially my own on anything with out educating myself with all the information to the point of being understood. So many people speak on a topic these days with a one sided opinion because they watch someone on TV with a paid influence to advertise their misdirected influence. I’ve witnessed this in my personal life.

We see the media inflating and plagiarizing propaganda to further their own agenda daily. Sheep repost their “Poopy Content” and follow along like it’s the word of GOD. The media finds content to throw it in their machine that churns out their “Poopy Perspective” on the world. Stop it for crying out loud!

How have we become so easily influenced and enraged by the media and politicians to allow the evil to duplicate in the United States of America?

Does it feel like someone has an agenda to divide our great country from itself? Does it feel like your the example america needs? Are you consistently that example?

Some people will blame it on “Sharia Global Colonization” or “The President of The United States” or “Law Enforcement Officers, Agents and Officials”. The lack of accountability has been a result of a country led by people telling us that its ok not to be held accountable. There are statues to laws and decisions that make something ok one day and not ok the next. We have people in leadership positions that will publicly say that the characterizations of a law override the integrity of the law. I’ve read many books and learned, it’s not like a smart person to be entitled or irresponsible. I’ve been guilty of entitlement a time or two in my life so I’m right there with you.

Everyone is pointing their fingers at everyone else and what they are doing wrong. If that’s you, I’d like to step aside and ask you a question. Since you’re so quick to see the wrong in the world (as helpful as that is to NOBODY). Lets talk about what YOU are doing to improve our current situation within the laws of our land?

How much of my target audience will actually read this article? My thinking is that not many. Regardless it’s important for me to voice. I’m honestly just your typical average joe with no followers here on wordpress. I’m part-time blogging with a full time job to support his family and have love for my country and all those who reside in it regardless of their political stance, favorite sports team, sexuality, etc. I’m nobody special, But I’m doing something about it! I’m going to tell you what that is, but first let me touch on a few more points. 

  • Burning the American Flag – Honestly WTF does that prove or say about you? Are you an American? If you are that person one day you will look back and admit everything I’m talking about, you may have been a victim of ignorance *sarcasm*. You’re more than welcome to leave our country, odds are money is the only thing preventing that from happening. Burning or Stomping on the flag doesn’t tell most people anything other than everything they need to know about you. You’re probably not the ideal choice to represent most companies, that’s for sure. You have WAY too much time on your hands. If that’s true then it’s just another reason why you’re part of the problem in our economy. I’ve seen terrorists burn flags so please don’t put yourself in that demographic, they’re in the process of becoming extinct. I just wrote an article about terrorists see the link here: “Hero’s Of Terror In Istanbul.”
  • #BlackLivesMatter – yes your lives matter but so do the rest of the people that call this country home. The work of the evil one is to “Steal, Kill and Destroy”. If you’re a christian I’d like to bring to your attention a verse that supports my claim. (1 Corinthians 1;10-17) I was always told to love my enemies and pray for those who persecute me. The humility that it takes to be a servant to something greater than yourself is powerful, so I understand your need for coming together. I only ask, can I join you and stand together as a people, one body? There is a solution, I promise. It doesn’t make sense that Black LIves Matter only when the police are involved. See a video here from Johnathan Gentry and also read this article by Jay Stalien, Police Officer from Riviera Beach, Florida.
  • Gun Control Activists – our 2nd amendment is constitutional law for defense against tyranny. Our founding fathers said that “We The People” need to be equipped equally as well as our military in a time of defense against a tyrannical government (I pray this never has to happen  but if it does, pray that you and your family is safe.) Ladies and gentleman, this constitutional law is non negotiable. Assault weapons will remain in almost every home inside the walls of this country for a reason. If you have a problem with it that, fine. Complaining about it part of your freedom to be an American but it isn’t there to be changed at the #2 spot because it offends you. After watching Loretta Lynch answer questions about the law in congress last week, I will say that the system that enforces our laws in broken. The laws being treated as suggestions versus universal law is where the problem lies. For that I have an answer as well.
  • #HandsUpDontShoot – this is such a difficult topic to talk about in light of the breaking news filling up our news feed constantly. Keep in mind that we don’t always know what let up to the events being streamed online. I would only suggest that we keep a neutral, level minded perspective on the matter before we react. If you’re ever put in a situation with law enforcement just do what they say, and squash it in court. Be honest with police, tell them you’re carrying a gun, tell them where it is and ask them how you can both walk away with our lives. The videos I see online make me feel like it’s a life or death situation for all traffic stops. We have an obligation to abide by the requests of the officer until we are released from custody. If you want to try the other way, good luck.

In closing, the more that we respond with anger the more that the situation escalates toward an outcome that won’t make you happy. I saw Kevin Hart go live on facebook today and he made some great points (See the video Here). I’m here to say that our country started with a belief to choose our own future. Our problem exists because of corruption. We allow it to continue and use social media to be our voice. Our politicians are using the media to divide us. Any good leader would know that unity is the best way to have victory. If we had better leadership we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now. The the solution starts with us brothers and sisters. It starts with us coming together and saying, enough! We are a great nation and so we need to start acting like it. Please be part of the solution and watch this short video:

Fight with me, fight with us, the people is a non negotiation for our government. We are making a stand. Go here to stand with us: Fight Back




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