“Christians and Hate For Government”

I hate my government, is something so many people are saying these days. We’re attaching our hashtag #NOTMYPRESIDENT . I’m not happy with the new president-elect(Speaking of Donald John Trump Sr.). I’m not ok with the corruption that I believe exists in our American Government(These are some things I’ve said about Hillary Clinton). There is … More “Christians and Hate For Government”

“#BlackLIvesMatter and An Itchy Butt!”

Reflecting on #BlackLivesMatter #StompTheFlag #GunControl #HandsUpDontShoot and The #DividedStatesofAmerica, STOP IT! What is going on? Every time the news is on, I feel like I’m watching the stupidity you see in tv shows like “Wipeout”. Yes I understand there are places in the world where racism exists. It exists because us humans are foolish when … More “#BlackLIvesMatter and An Itchy Butt!”

“9 Questions For Your Company At SEMA?”

“If you don’t make exhibiting at the SEMA Show a priority, it’s your bottom line that takes the punishment. Start success you can repeat. The lesson is simple: You need to see 70,000+
buyers—decision-making, money-spending buyers.
They come every year to see companies like yours
and the new products and resources that make this
the premiere event in the automotive aftermarket
industry.” – SEMA Exhibitor Brochure … More “9 Questions For Your Company At SEMA?”

“The Daily Race Against Yesterday’s Results”

Defining success is difficult but measuring the results and the consistency is how I measure my own personal success. Daily challenges are sometimes unpredictable and consistently evolving. For me that just means that solution seeking has to evolve and mature, other people might think otherwise and thats fine. My only question is that if one … More “The Daily Race Against Yesterday’s Results”